Dummies at the Box - Talking with Friends
Dummies at the Box - Talking with Friends
#28VideoPodcast - R. Froning and Team Mayhem will compete in Italy! *Where and when*

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An exclusive catching up with WW4Mori Competition Managers, a CrossFit® Licensed event in Sardinia

If this content had come out on April 1st, everyone would have believed a classic prankster’s joke, a fake news perfect for CrossFit® lovers.
But no, it is not an April Fool folks.

Nothing is more true because Massimiliano and Antonello have managed to bring in Italy Rich Froning and his team Mayhem for a competition, the WW4 Mori in Sardinia the next September.
For the Italian CrossFit® panorama will be an unique event because Rich Froning, the God of CrossFit®, for the first time ever will come to Italy not on vacation or a workshop but in order to compete, for real!

And it will not be an exhibition due to:

  • he will bring with him 3 top athletes, Baylee Ryal, Haley Adams and Tyler Christophel
  • there will be other amazing Italian Teams with names at the top of the current Leaderboard (listen accurately the Podcast for more details).

That’s CrossFit Mayhem Team, the leading crew in the Competitive CrossFit® worldwide!

As you may know, Rich Froning Jr. has been 4 Time Fittest on Heart in Individual category before lounching his career in Team Mayhem. The team has won all the competitions at the CrossFit Games® from 2015 to 2021 apart from 2017 when it came second.

Constantly Rich Froning shuffle the cards and makes some changes due to competition or season. In WW4Mori we take the chance to see something new and exciting with Haley Adams as special guest.


  • The competition WW4Mori is open to all athletes and will be held on Friday 2nd, Saturday 3rd and Sunday 4th September 2022
  • The location is unique and exclusive: Alghero, Sardinia.


News never ending for italian Community and for the first time Adaptive athletes could be take part directly into the competition.

Andrea De Beni

Each team could include an adaptive athlete and compete in exactly the same category as the other teams, without any exclusion. The workouts will be the same for all as well as the leaderboard and the adaptive athletes will perform the skills adapted to their disability.
Nothing will be scaled but everything will be adapted, this is the motto of the competition that also promises great news. Andrea De Beni (discover our interview with him) plays a key role in this adventure as co-ideator and Advisor for the Adaptive inclusion.

Discover more details on our new Episode of Takling with Friends, the #1 Podcast Show in Italy for the CrossFit Community.

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